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Typhoon Games


Typhoon Games Ltd., founded in 2001 in Hong Kong and with an office in Boston, MA, is a game developer, distributor, and publisher that leverages the potential of the vibrant Asian gaming market and industry. The company works with developers across Asia as well as Europe and the Americas to create and localize games for Asian and global audiences.


Typhoon Games has developed online games based on BEN 10 and Tom and Jerry intellectual properties, and is among the first to drive the fusion of social media applications and gaming with early efforts like The Impossible Team Online for adidas. With over 200 games published and/or distributed, Typhoon Games titles have earned acclaim from leading game media and experts, and received some of the industry's top awards. Distribution titles include Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Ys Origin, Biohazard 4, and others.


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