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Dalton Learning Lab is a joint venture between Outblaze and the two Dalton School co-founders who set up the playgroup, kindergarten and primary school in Hong Kong using the famed Dalton plan. Founded in 2017, the Lab offers after-school educational courses in a variety of Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) for children aged 4-13, with an emphasis on fostering divergent thinking and developing useful, future-ready skills applicable to the real world. All courses at the Dalton Learning Lab are taught by real professionals under the guidance of professional educators.

Educational Products

Outblaze is committed to delivering innovative products to parents and their young learners. Together with various partners, affiliates and/or subsidiaries, Outblaze works on several educational and edutainment mobile apps and services covering a broad range of subjects including literacy, vocabulary, creativity, mathematics, and music learning and appreciation.

A design and development studio owned by Outblaze Ventures, Baby Cortex has published dozens of educational and edutainment apps for young children. Below are some of the noteworthy apps created by the Hong Kong-based studio. For more information see

Baby Writer: Letters and Words


Learning your ABCs has never been more fun! Let students practice their handwriting with this simple to use, no-mess-no-fuss app.  

  • Students use their finger as a pen to trace on screen

  • Practice handwriting, letters, and words 

  • Children hone and improve their handwriting skills

Baby Flash Cards


Kids learn new words with these colorful cards! Perfect for children who are starting to speak, because the app will also teach them how each word is pronounced. 

  • Engaging and bright colors captivate attention

  • Pronunciation of each word helps kids follow and learn each word quickly


Alphabet Car 2


Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to learn how to spell words about colours, shapes, animals and more! Take control of various colourful cars and drive over the correct letters to spell out a word. Show kids that spelling is fun with the Alphabet Car games!

  • Keep children interested in learning spelling words

  • Steer using the mobile device like a steering wheel

  • Multiple cars including a cute buggy and a lumbering schoolbus

  • Pronunciation of letters and words helps children with spelling

Mandarin Flash Cards


Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  Give your students a leg up in the world of tomorrow with these beginner level Mandarin flashcards.

  • Colorful images accompanying words in both English and Chinese

  • Mandarin voice over

  • Choose from Traditional or Simplified Chinese flash cards

  • Pin Yin guides on every card to help with pronunciation

Math Run 2 School Edition


An action-packed running game with a mathematical twist! Professor Gorilla chases the player to administer a math quiz based on Common Core Standards. The player must dash, jump, slade and turn nimbly, avoiding perils along the way. If Professor Gorilla catches up, the player must pass a math quiz in order to continue playing. This app keeps students interested and motivated while practicing their math skills. 

  • Fun and engaging way to tests students' reflexes and math skills

  • Solve math problems to continue the extend the game (extra lives)

  • Test students with math questions set to Kindergarten to Primary 6 math curricula from US Common Core Standards (CCSS), UK and more.

Animoca Brands was spun out of Animoca, which is a project by Outblaze Ventures with substantial investment from third parties including Intel Capital and IDG Accel. After the spin-off, Animoca Brands became publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In addition to a successful business built around games based on famous brands, Animoca Brands also has a number of apps designed for young learners, including the products described below. For more information see

Thomas & Friends™: Read & Play


Thomas & Friends™: Read & Play is a learning mobile app for children based on Mattel’s popular franchise Thomas & Friends. It includes a broad library of ebooks, videos, games and activites based on the incredibly popular train engine Thomas as well as all his friends on the Island of Sodor.


  • All the favorite engines from Thomas & Friends to keep children engaged

  • Narrated with official Thomas & Friends voice-overs

  • All voice in Standard Native English

  • Wide library of topics ranging from storytelling to phonics

  • New content added weekly

  • Unleash kids’ creativity through drawing tools and Thomas & Friends stickers

Maths War


Learning is more fun when it’s done with friends and it’s even better when it’s a game! In Maths War, children shoot down each other's fighter planes by solving math problems. The mobile device is used as a board game, allowing kids to interact face to face.


  • Players label equations correct or incorrect as they appear onscreen.

  • Each correct answer shoots down one of the opponent’s fighter planes

  • Real-time math-battle between 2 players on the same device

  • Challenges kids to think quickly and use logic and math skills



It’s one thing to know math, but another to be good at numbers!  Summa provides 3 challenging puzzle modes for students to test their understanding of basic math skills.


  • Balancing time and accuracy to solve seemingly simple math tasks makes puzzles more challenging.

  • 3 creative type of math puzzles for students of all ages.



BrainyTap is subscription based learning environment. It provides a vast range of educational content in the form of ebooks, videos, presentations, and games, and allows teachers and parents to easily and quickly create custom content within the app itself.


  • Offers a growing range of over 1,200 titles from diverse publishers including Oxford University Press, Kids Dailies, Chocolate Rain, and Miss Humblebee School Readiness

  • Educators and parents create and offer their own apps, e-books, games, presentations, albums, and more via a convenient creation interface

  • New content added regularly by the BrainyTap team

  • Users share their own materials for use by others in the BrainyTap community.

Wave Cortex is a company set up by Outblaze in 2017 with the mission to make music learning simpler, easier, and more appealing. Music is a wonderful discipline with many documented benefits, and Wave Cortex wants to bring music to more people - even people who might not normally pursue music learning. 


Wave Cortex gamifies the process of learning to play an instrument, allowing children to dive straight into performing by using the musical instrument as a game controller, giving them the freedom to experiment and learn at their own pace. This is more appealing than sitting through boring sessions of music theory and repetitive practice. For more information see

Monster Chords


Monster Chords makes it fun and easy to learn (and practice) the guitar or ukulele. Monster Chords requires a real guitar or ukulele. This is the first product by Wave Cortex and was launched as the companion app of another Outblaze project called Chord Hero, which offers good quality affordable musical instruments to lower the cost barrier to learning music.

Monster Chords transforms repetitive music practice into a fun game by using advanced chord-recognition technology that allows for instant analysis of the music played and immediate feedback to the user.

  • Play chords correctly to guide cute monsters back home

  • Learn & practice playing guitar & ukulele

  • Video tutorials

  • Supports learning at ANY pace

  • Significant savings on music tutor costs



XyloFun is a mobile app that teaches children to play xylophones & marimbas. Like Monster Chords, it makes use of sophisticated chord recognition & analysis technology to evaluate and provide feedback on how well the player plays a musical instrument.


  • Supports xylophones & marimbas

  • On-screen keyboard available

  • Teaches how to play popular nursery rhymes

  • Cute characters representing notes guide children through each song

  • Trains auditory and motor skills, memory, concentration and creativity

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