Dalton Learning Lab is a joint venture between Outblaze and the two Dalton School co-founders who set up the playgroup, kindergarten and primary school in Hong Kong using the famed Dalton plan. Founded in 2017, the Lab offers after-school educational courses in a variety of Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) for children aged 4-13, with an emphasis on fostering divergent thinking and developing useful, future-ready skills applicable to the real world. All courses at the Dalton Learning Lab are taught by real professionals under the guidance of professional educators.

Educational Products

Outblaze is committed to delivering innovative products to parents and their young learners. Together with various partners, affiliates and/or subsidiaries, Outblaze works on several educational and edutainment mobile apps and services covering a broad range of subjects including literacy, vocabulary, creativity, mathematics, and music learning and appreciation.

A design and development studio owned by Outblaze Ventures, Baby Cortex has published dozens of educational and edutainment apps for young children. Below are some of the noteworthy apps created by the Hong Kong-based studio. For more information see www.babycortex.com

Animoca Brands was spun out of Animoca, which is a project by Outblaze Ventures with substantial investment from third parties including Intel Capital and IDG Accel. After the spin-off, Animoca Brands became publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In addition to a successful business built around games based on famous brands, Animoca Brands also has a number of apps designed for young learners, including the products described below. For more information see www.animocabrands.com

Wave Cortex is a company set up by Outblaze in 2017 with the mission to make music learning simpler, easier, and more appealing. Music is a wonderful discipline with many documented benefits, and Wave Cortex wants to bring music to more people - even people who might not normally pursue music learning. 


Wave Cortex gamifies the process of learning to play an instrument, allowing children to dive straight into performing by using the musical instrument as a game controller, giving them the freedom to experiment and learn at their own pace. This is more appealing than sitting through boring sessions of music theory and repetitive practice. For more information see www.wavecortex.com

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