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Advantages of Outblaze Services

Outblaze offers a broad variety of services ready for implementation in any language. Services focus on digital media and entertainment, including virtual community services, online transaction systems, web communication software, and 3D game engines. There are a number of advantages to choosing Outblaze.

Advanced Technology
Outblaze architecture is scaleable and as such has the ability to expand and support any configuration you may require, tomorrow, next month, or in a few years. Our open architecture and API are specifically designed to adapt easily to new or specialized technologies.


Global Co-Location Centres and Distributed Technology
The powerful servers on which Outblaze services run are hosted strategically in co-location centres spread around the world, which make Outblaze services fast and always globally accessible. We are also able to implement hosting in multiple co-location centers so that you and your users can access the facility closest to you.


Riding the Cloud… since 1998
In 1998, Outblaze pioneered the concept of fully hosted multilingual web-based communication services for online communities. Our goal was to allow clients to quickly and inexpensively provision infrastructure resources though the use of turnkey white label services. Along the way we accumulated over a decade of experience in enterprise-class hosted and integrated systems, and built a wide range of distributed, highly scalable solutions delivering services to more than 70 million users. Outblaze had become a computing cloud centered around Web and Internet services related to entertainment. In 2009, in order to focus on gaming and multimedia, Outblaze sold its email business to IBM, who turned it into a cloud computing messaging research lab and used Outblaze technology to build new IBM services.


Award-Winning Track Record
Our mission is to offer quality products that will deliver long-term commercial success to clients and provide leading entertainment to consumers, and our efforts have been recognized multiple times. Between them, Outblaze and partner companies have collected dozens of awards for technology, design, and achievement. You can see some of Outblaze's awards in the About Outblaze section of this web site.


Unmatched Breadth of Services
Few companies are able to deliver the product breadth and the service quality that Outblaze offers. Whether you are a game developer or a web portal, Outblaze can assist you.


Take a look at what Outblaze can offer you by proceeding to the Service List.

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