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ThinkBlaze is an organization dedicated to investigating and disseminating ideas about technology and innovation. Whether it’s original research, analysis or the proposal of novel concepts, ThinkBlaze delves deeply at the intersection of information technology, culture and humanity.


ThinkBlaze is a project by Outblaze that draws on the experience and expertise present at Outblaze to research topics of potential interest to the technology industry and to society as a whole. ThinkBlaze does not generate revenue, does not accept payment, and does not espouse any particular political party or opinion. ThinkBlaze is not for hire, although we will always consider suggestions for future work.


ThinkBlaze will consider project-specific partnerships as long as they are not of a commercial nature; if you wish to inquire about opportunities for cooperation, please contact us.


ThinkBlaze Mission:

  1. Conduct or commission scientifically sound research related to information technology

  2. Analyze issues and trends in technology

  3. Investigate the interplay of human behavior and culture, technology, and innovation.

  4. Disseminate ideas in technology that are relevant, innovative and/or important.

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