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Outblaze Management Team 

Sultan Rehman - Vice President of Engineering​


Sultan Rehman is Vice President of Engineering at Outblaze, where he is responsible for the company's engineering processes, tools, and engineering team. Prior to this position, Sultan was Software Architect at Outblaze, a role in which he was responsible for improving the engineering team's software development practices. 


Sultan was formerly Chief Software Architect at Activ8 Ltd., a subsidiary of Outblaze, where he led the design and development of the company's massively scalable Internet ad serving systems, which served hundreds of millions of ads every day.


Prior to Activ8, Sultan was Chief Software Architect of Engage Asia/Australia, and was promoted to Principal Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Engage, Inc. of Colorado, USA.


Sultan is a self-taught software development expert who began his career in IT more than 20 years ago working at various start-ups. In 1992 he founded Oasis Systems, a successful start-up that provided custom software and hardware solutions to various local enterprises, including the Hong Kong Society of Accountants. Since that day he has worked exclusively in technology companies.


Sultan is always working on research and open-source projects. His curiosity eventually led him to co-author  XML Programming (Core Reference), a book on XML programming published by Microsoft Press in 2002 (available at


Sultan became hooked on programming back in high school when he discovered he could program Schrödinger's equation in BASIC using a Texas Instruments calculator. Today, when he's not bathing in the gentle glow of a computer screen, Sultan loves spending free time with his wonderful wife and chasing after his various cats.

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