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SCAM ALERT: A malicious user is impersonating Outblaze

30 August 2022: Our official website is, and we are not associated with In addition, we are not hiring any “order handlers”, and we do not offer any group buying platforms or services. Be cautious of internet employment traps and “boosting sales” scams. If you suspect that you have fallen prey to a scam, please report the case at the nearest police station.


2022年8月30日:我們的官方網址為,而 上的一切內容均與本公司無關。另外,我們沒在招聘「刷單員」,亦未有提供任何團購平台或服務。請小心網絡求職陷阱,別墮入網上刷單騙局。若你思疑已成為騙案的受害者,請前往就近的警署報案。

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