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Pretty Pet Pony launches on iPhone

Horse races, strategy, customization, cuteness overload​

HONG KONG – October 23, 2011: Outblaze and Animoca today announced the launch of Pretty Pet Pony for Apple’s iOS devices. The newest title in the chart-topping “Pretty Pet” series breaks new ground by introducing action-packed horse races and pony customization to the classic pet grooming gameplay for all ages. Pretty Pet Pony is available free of charge on the App Store at


In Pretty Pet Pony, players take control of a stable to groom colorful horses of nearly excessive cuteness. With ponies marching in every few moments, players will have to think fast in order to brush and wash coats, check horseshoes, and exercise the lovable animals – at the same time making sure that their own horse is healthy and at peak fitness for the next race.


Regular race events give players of Pretty Pet Pony a chance to ride their horse on different racetracks and against different opponents as they compete for a variety of prizes. Racing requires a quick eye and fast reflexes to strike a balance between speed and stamina: focus too much on bursts of speed, and your pony will tire quickly, but gallop too slowly and you’ll end up finishing last in the race.


Players can customize their pony and upgrade their stables by using in-game money as well as Pet Points. Connectivity options allow users to take snapshots of their unique pony designs and post them on the Web, or find friends to compete against.


Pretty Pet Pony is free to download and play. Optional in-game upgrades can be bought with Pet Points, which are purchased with real money. Pet Points can also be earned by using the Daily Bonus Lottery, for which players automatically receive tokens every day. Download Pretty Pet Pony now free of charge from Apple’s App Store at


The trailer for Pretty Pet Pony can be viewed at


Over 15 million players have experienced the addictive blend of action and strategy of the “Pretty Pet” series of games ( Other games in the series include Pretty Pet Tycoon, Pretty Pet Salon Seasons, My Pet Cuby, Pretty Pet Salon Pro, and other titles for Apple iOS and Google Android. All together, Animoca apps have been downloaded over 30 million times.

About Outblaze

Outblaze is a private company established in 1998 in Hong Kong, with offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and the Philippines. Originally a pioneer of multilingual communication services for online communities, Outblaze and its partners today develop and offer a broad variety of products and services in digital media and entertainment, including smart phone games and apps, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), games and game engines for various platforms and formats, virtual community services, online transaction systems, social network gaming, and web communication services. For more information please visit

About Animoca

Animoca is a cross-platform app publisher of entertainment products for smart phones and social media networks. With its ability to publish and promote products in multiple languages, Animoca is expanding operations and market share around the world. The company has published several popular titles for iOS and Android, including the smash hit Pretty Pet Salon, passing the 30 million download mark after its first two quarters of operation. On Facebook, Animoca products have accrued millions of monthly active users across popular titles like Who Loves You MoreDaily Luck MeterMy Friend Map, and Speed Club. Animoca continues to expand its product pipeline as it pursues its mission to publish compelling and groundbreaking phone apps and social network games. Animoca is a subsidiary of Outblaze Ventures. For more information please visit

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