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'My Pet Cuby' Launches for iPhone

Pretty Pet series introduces virtual pet gameplay​​

HONG KONG – June 2, 2011: Outblaze and Animoca today released My Pet Cuby for Apple’s iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The latest entry in the popular “Pretty Pet” series, My Pet Cuby offers a graphically-rich virtual pet app featuring the adorable dog Cuby. The game is free to play and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store at


The ‘Pretty Pet’ series ( includes Pretty Pet Salon, Pretty Pet Salon Seasons, Pretty Pet Tycoon and other games that have been downloaded millions of times and achieved dozens of top App Store rankings around the world. In My Pet Cuby, players interact with a virtual dog named Cuby, a popular character from the Pretty Pet series. Cuby, exhausted by all the running around that the previous games required of him, is taking a well-deserved break to be pampered and spoiled by… you.


Interact with Cuby to make him sing, strum the guitar, play ball, dance or perform nearly a hundred hilarious animations. Give Cuby his favorite foods, drinks, and special treats in order to increase his happiness meter. Keep Cuby happy in order to unlock new animations, interactions, pet clothes, and additional environments.


My Pet Cuby uses lush 3D rendered graphics to deliver an app in which players interact not only with the virtual pet but also with the environment. Cuby responds with lifelike animations and realistic sounds, bringing to life one of the popular characters from the Pretty Pet series of games. Regular updates to My Pet Cuby will add more content including new interactions, animations, sounds, and games.


My Pet Cuby is free to download and play. Optional in-game upgrades can be bought in-game using real money or earned via the built-in advertising referral system. In order to play, iPhone and iPod Touch users must have 3GS/iPhone 4 devices with support for iOS 3.1.3 or better.


My Pet Cuby was developed by Outblaze and Dream Cortex and is published by Animoca. Download My Pet Cuby now free of charge from Apple’s App Store at

About Outblaze

Outblaze is a private company established in 1998 in Hong Kong, with offices in the USA, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and the Philippines. Originally a pioneer of multilingual communication services for online communities, Outblaze and its partners today develop and offer a broad variety of products and services in digital media and entertainment, including massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), games and game engines for various platforms and formats, virtual community services, online transaction systems, social network gaming, smartphone apps, and web communication services. For more information please visit

About Animoca

Animoca is a cross-platform app publisher of entertainment products for smartphones and social media networks. Thanks to its ability to publish and promote products in multiple languages, Animoca is expanding operations and market share around the world. The company has published several popular titles for iOS and Android, including the smash hit Pretty Pet Salon. On Facebook, Animoca products have accrued several million monthly active users across popular titles like Who Loves You More, Daily Luck Meter, My Friend Map, and Speed Club. Animoca continues to expand its product pipeline as it pursues its mission to publish compelling and groundbreaking social network games and software. Animoca is a wholly owned subsidiary of Outblaze Ventures. For more information please visit


About Dream Cortex


Dream Cortex is the graphic design and app development studio of the Outblaze Group and one of Hong Kong’s premier digital content creation companies. As a pillar of the renowned Cyberport complex, Dream Cortex offers a state-of-the-art 3D animation and production environment coupled with industry leading digital media post-production and distribution infrastructure. Creative services offered by Dream Cortex include PC and next-generation console game art design, web design, web application development, and smart phone app development. For more information please visit

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