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Drone Flex Armor: a revolutionary way to carry DJI Phantom drones

Lightweight, compact solution offers breakthrough experience for drone pilots

HONG KONG - 18 December, 2015Outblaze Ideas, the ideation division of  Hong Kong-based technology company Outblaze, today launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Drone Flex Armor, an innovative compact case for DJI Phantom drones designed to enable amateur and professional pilots alike to easily carry and store the world’s most popular series of drones. The crowdfunding campaign, including photos and pricing, is located at

Light and compact, the Drone Flex Armor will revolutionise drone transportation thanks to a form factor contoured around the drone’s chassis that minimizes wasted space. Made with lightweight and durable materials, the Drone Flex Armor is an affordable, compact drone case that is easy to carry and that will keep your drone safe, snug and ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

The Drone Flex Armor delivers an elegant solution for transporting and storing DJI Phantom drones. Its single zipper makes it simple and quick to open or close. It offers drone owners a compact and snug case that holds the assembled drone, including camera, batteries and propellers (propellers must be detached and stored separately inside the case).

“As a drone owner and outdoors enthusiast, I encountered difficulties carrying and traveling with drones,” said Yat Siu, the founder and CEO of Outblaze. “Whether it’s hiking, or biking or just urban exploration, carrying a drone can be inconvenient, and packing and unpacking can be a hassle. So we designed the Drone Flex Armor to make carrying DJI phantom drones both easy and pleasant.”

“No one wants to waste time packing and unpacking their drones, so we developed a truly effective and convenient solution to easily and safely carry your drone and fly it at short notice,” said Yat Siu. “Whether you are an amateur or professional drone pilot, film-maker, documentarian, hiker, climber, skier, nature-lover or just about anyone who flies a DJI Phantom drone, the Drone Flex Armor will make transporting and storing your drone easier than ever before.”

With the Drone Flex Armor, owners of DJI Phantom drones now have a drone carrying solution that allows them to dispense with the excess size and weight of most drone cases. The Drone Flex Armor weighs only 1.07 lbs (484 grams), a fraction of the 2.82 lbs (1.28 Kg) weight of the Phantom 3 drone itself. It is only slightly larger than a DJI Phantom drone.

The Drone Flex Armor saves space: it accommodates the angular X-shaped drone chassis with a clever form-fitting design that precisely hugs the profile of DJI’s best-selling Phantom drones. This solution removes the extra bulk created by dead space inherent in the designs of many other drone cases.

Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, the Drone Flex Armour can be easily mounted on any backpack, or worn as a small backpack by itself, or just carried one-handed. It allows quick transport, deployment, and packing of DJI Phantom drones.

The Drone Flex Armor is made of multiple layers of hard-wearing Neoprene fabric with a water-resistant coating. Two pocket enclosures for electrical heaters (heaters not included) prevent your drone’s battery from getting too cold in extreme winter conditions, allowing you to unpack and fly the drone in a few seconds. Four soft PVC caps protect the delicate motors and propeller attachments from impact and keep them anchored securely.

A handle on the top of the Drone Flex Armor provides grab-and-go convenience, and four sturdy loops allow the case to be strapped to any backpack by using  your own straps or the straps included. With its sleek black body and bright caps and seam lines, the Drone Flex Armor is easily visible in a variety of light levels and settings. This is a drone case that looks distinctive and unique, and will stand out in any crowd.

Every Drone Flex Armor comes with a matching case for your drone’s remote control, which can be strapped to your belt or backpack, carried by its handles, or carried over the shoulder using the included detachable strap. The colors and design of the remote control case match the sleek, stylish look of the Drone Flex Armor.

The Drone Flex Armor is compact, very lightweight (under 500 grams / about 1 lb), it can be mounted easily on any backpack for unhindered mobility, and it allows you to unpack and fly a drone quickly.

To learn more about the Drone Flex Armor crowdfunding campaign, pricing, packages, and for photographs and animated captures of the product, please visit:  


About Outblaze Ideas
Outblaze Ideas is the innovation and ideation division of Outblaze, a technology company founded in 1998 that operates in a variety of  business sectors including video gaming, mobile software development, cloud technology and edutainment. For more information, please visit The Drone Flex Armor crowdfunding campaign is located at:

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