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Dalton Learning Lab begins preparing children for robotics and AI revolution

Outblaze-backed after-school lab supplements

young students’ education


Hong Kong, 10 October 2017 - the Dalton Learning Lab, Hong Kong’s first after-school lab dedicated to preparing students aged 4-13 for a world dominated by robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI),  began classes today.   
Set up by technology entrepreneur Yat Siu of Outblaze together with Peggy Yeoh and Eva To, two co-founders of Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK), a child-centered primary school adopting the progressive Dalton plan, the Dalton Learning Lab addresses gaps in Hong Kong’s education system by providing a project-based lab environment where children can experiment and develop useful skills particularly relevant to the world of tomorrow. 
The Dalton Learning Lab offers courses for children aged 4-13 on robotics, coding, digital art, and digital music. All curricula are designed around principles of project-based learning and design thinking, with the goal to advance students’ capacity for divergent thought, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, digital fluency, and other important skills and traits.
“Humans will increasingly compete against machines for various jobs, and we are not adequately preparing our children for this future,” said Yat Siu, CEO of Outblaze and co-founder of the Dalton Learning Lab. “In Hong Kong, as in many other places, there is an obsession with old-fashioned learning techniques like memorization, homework, and standardized testing. But these antiquated methods don’t provide any advantage for the future economy, which will be dominated by robots and AI. Instead, characteristics like creativity, problem-solving, empathy and divergent thinking will be more valuable. The Dalton Learning Lab aims to prepare students accordingly.”
Every course at the Dalton Learning Lab is taught by a professional or expert in his or her own field, which helps to communicate real passion for a subject while delivering skills and knowledge that are always current and uptodate. The Lab’s Educational Leadership team guides the development of each course curriculum, led by experts in education and pedagogy who are trained in Stanford University’s Design Thinking philosophy, a methodology for creative problem-solving. 
The merging of technologists and educators allows the Dalton Learning Lab to offer hands-on courses that address real world needs, and provide students with the necessary preparation to take advantage of new opportunities created by technological advancement.
To find out more about the Dalton Learning Lab or to sign up for courses, please visit, send a message to, or call 2362-9003.


About Dalton Learning Lab

The Dalton Learning Lab is a joint venture between Outblaze and Peggy Yeoh and Eva To, two co-founders of Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK, a non-profit, child-centered, dual-language primary school integrating the heritage of Chinese culture with the progressive Dalton plan). Founded in 2017, the Dalton Learning Lab offers after-school educational courses in a variety of Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) for children aged 4-13, with an emphasis on fostering divergent thinking and developing useful, future-ready skills applicable to the real world. learn more at


About Outblaze

Outblaze is an award-winning Hong Kong-based technology company founded in 1998. The company began as a provider of white label multilingual “software as a service” communication solutions, a business which it sold to IBM in 2009. Since then, Outblaze has been innovating in multiple sectors including video gaming, mobile software development, cloud technology, and edutainment. Learn more at



Dalton Learning Lab

Tel: +852 2362-9003



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