Wearable Wave

Outblaze founder & CEO Yat Siu demonstrates some wearable technology and comments on industry trends in The Pearl Report: The Future is Wearable. (May not be viewable outside the Hong Kong region)
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Yat Siu @ LeWeb 2014

Watch Outblaze founder and CEO Yat Siu's speech at LeWeb 2014, in which he discusses some of the exciting opportunities for western companies in Asia.
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A message from Outblaze CEO Yat Siu: Coding is the 21st Century Literacy and is for all walks of life

Hour of Code
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Interview with Yat Siu: Mobile is changing the gaming industry

'Asia Edge' on Bloomberg Television

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Ideation. Creativity. Innovation.

Numerous Outblaze subsidiaries, joint ventures and partners work together to generate and develop exciting new concepts and products in digital media and entertainment. Click to find out more about the companies in the Outblaze Group.
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Reducing the Digital Divide & investigating impact of learning medium

ThinkBlaze is the Outblaze think tank. We studied the impact of learning medium (printed paper versus tablets) on elementary students. We also investigated options to narrow the digital divide, specifically with regards to touch-based technology.
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Top-Ranked, Top-Grossing

Game App Sensation

The Pretty Pet series of games by Animoca is officially a global sensation with 20 million downloads! See why so many players have been won over by the cute graphics and frenetic gameplay of Pretty Pet Salon, Pretty Pet Tycoon, Pretty Pet Pony, Pretty Pet Spooky Party, My Pet Cuby, and other games! Available for iOS and Android devices.
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A fascinating business venture to explore the possibilities of Mixed Reality, a hybrid of both augmented reality and augmented virtuality.

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Typhoon Games

A game developer, publisher and distributor, Typhoon Games is involved in several different Outblaze projects. In Asia, it recently published the blockbuster titles Total War: Shogun 2 and Football Manager 2012.

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Outblaze develops and provides various digital media products and services including virtual community services, online transaction systems, web communication software, smartphone games and apps, social media applications, and more. We are a group of innovators whose mission is the delivery of powerful, engaging digital media and web products.

Outblaze offers a broad variety of services ready for implementation in any language. Services focus on digital media and entertainment, including virtual community services, online transaction systems, web communication software, and 3D game engines. Come inside and learn more!

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